The Local Government Unit is implementing the Integrated Rice Technology Demonstration Project since the wet cropping season of 2009.

Now, there are already 55 hectares of rice area covered located in the barangays Lonoy, Cambugason, Calabacita, Buyog and the latest is at Sitio Siling in Balili.

The frontline office in this project implementation is the Municipal Agriculture Office. They are supervising the project as well as served as facilitators during the conducted farmer-classes for this demonstration project.

Last November 25, the Integrated Rice Technology Demonstration Project conducted its harvest festival of the hybrid rice which ended the Farmers Field School and made the farmer-graduates certified hybrid rice growers.

The varieties of hybrid rice implemented were Bigante, SL 8H and Mestiso 23. Supervising technicians were Cecile Opada and Melyndre Galve.

There were 42 graduates and the graduation was held at Sitio Siling. A field tour was conducted. The field tour aimed at showcasing the new rice technologies implemented.

Mayor Fortunato Abrenilla, in his message, thanked the farmers for accepting the technology and actively participating in the farmers field school. He said that they should continue having an open mind in the projects and efforts of the government that will help in improving the quality of yield as well as increase the yield per hectare. The improvement in the quantity and the quality of the yield will greatly help in alleviating poverty. In this project, Jagna will not be far away from achieving self-sufficiency in rice.

Mayor Fortunato Abrenilla harvesting the first crop of rice from the farmers' field school.Mayor Fortunato R. Abrenilla with Ms. Cecile Opada, rice technician and students of the farmers field school after harvesting.