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The annual nightly entertainments of the Jagna fiesta celebration was opened by the National, Provincial Agencies and Local Government Unit Officials and Employees on September 20 .

For the 380th year of the founding of Jagna as a town and parish the opening salvo was dubbed Hadla sa Lumad ug Kaliwat Jagnaanon.

Conceptualized by Municipal Computer File Librarian II Mr. Catalino Berro and HNU Faculty Member Mr. Cenon Agbayani, Jr. and brought to life by Mr. Alexis Cadelina, the dance drama showcased Jagna’s rich history and its transition from the earliest settlers to the arrival of Fr. Jose Sanchez who brought with him an image of Jagna’s patron Saint – the Archangel Michael and the subsequent Christianization of the natives until the arrival of the moors.

The arrival of the moors highlighted the fight between the good and evil and Saint Michael’s intervention and protection of the inhabitants of the town. The portrayal presentation of St. Michael’s fight unmistakably illustrated the patron’s constant protection of the town.

The American period came showcasing the Lonoy Massacre where Jagna’s hero Capt. Gregorio “Goyo” Casenas together with his men were killed by American troops inside their dugouts at barangay Lonoy.

The Japanese regime came portrayed by Japanese soldiers marching around the stage showing the shooting of Mayor Jose Casenas.  

After all the struggles the town went through, a period of stability settled creating an environment that enhanced the jovial character of the Jagnaanons. Merrymaking and elaborate celebrations characterize the town. This part in the show is the period after the Japanese regime towards the Jagna as it is known at present wherein dancing and the Jagnaanons love for pomp and pageantry are highlighted.

Third part of the Unang Hadla launched GloBalik Jagna 2012 with the theme “PAGLIG-ON SA BUGKOS: PAMILYAHAY, PANAGSANDUROTAY, PAG-INAMPOAY” to be celebrated on September 28-29, 2012. 

The word GloBalik is a combination of the words Global and Balik which simply invites every Jagnaanon from all parts of the world to go back home.

The last major GloBalik Jagna was held in September 2006 during the 375th founding anniversary of Jagna as a town and parish. It was anchored on the theme, “Duaw, Handuraw, Salmot sa Kahiusahan”.

As a manifestation of the the Jagnaanons culture of love of kinship, fellowship and prayer, Jagna will once again celebrate life and thanksgiving to the Almighty for the bounty it has enjoyed for the 381 years since the first lumad Jagnaanons set foot in this land. A yearlong preparation will precede to give time for the Jagnaanons all over the world to prepare for next year’s grand celebration.

It will be a great jubilee to invite Jagnaanons all over the globe to come home for the 381st founding anniversary of Jagna ARON SA PAGLIG-ON SA BUGKOS PINAAGI SA PAMILYA, PANAGSANDUROT UG DIHA SA HUGOT NGA PAG-AMPO!