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Jagna is known as the “Calamay County” of Bohol and is famed for the production of the finest Calamays in the province.

Calamay, sometimes called “kalamay” is made from well-milled glutinous rice mixed with coconut milk and sugar. It is the signature delicacy and pasalubong from Bohol. One of the island’s most iconic images, that brown spoke-shaved coconut shell with a red band.
Calamay is not only about the land’s bounty; but it also encapsulates in a shell: industry and dedication that has cemented the Boholano. Surviving through heat and sweat, cooks still stick a smile when pouring the thick paste into the coconut shells. Rev. Fr. Mariano Gutierrez, OAR incidentally taught the art of making calamay to the people of Jagna. while he was still parish priest of Jagna from 1825 until his death in 1855.

News and Events

Philos Health brings more to Jagna

Philos Health, an NGO partner of the local government unit will yet again bring to the town more blessings in the form of a new program - Dental Program for Pre-School Children which aims to demonstrate that cavities can be reduced with proper oral care. This new...

Jagna municipal teams in the height of preparations

JAGNA – Just after election, the local government unit of Jagna is up and about in preparation to evaluations coming this week. ISO 14001 Surveillance Audit will be coming in on May 27. This will be the third audit and hopefully the six offices under the LGU to be...

COMELEC officially released result of Monday’s polls

JAGNA - The Commission on Election in Jagna officially released the results of Monday's election just after lunch on Tuesday, May 14. The canvassed votes cast in 36 precincts in the municipality resulted in the following winning local candidates: Abrenilla, Fortunato...