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Jagna is known as the “Calamay County” of Bohol and is famed for the production of the finest Calamays in the province.

Calamay, sometimes called “kalamay” is made from well-milled glutinous rice mixed with coconut milk and sugar. It is the signature delicacy and pasalubong from Bohol. One of the island’s most iconic images, that brown spoke-shaved coconut shell with a red band.
Calamay is not only about the land’s bounty; but it also encapsulates in a shell: industry and dedication that has cemented the Boholano. Surviving through heat and sweat, cooks still stick a smile when pouring the thick paste into the coconut shells. Rev. Fr. Mariano Gutierrez, OAR incidentally taught the art of making calamay to the people of Jagna. while he was still parish priest of Jagna from 1825 until his death in 1855.

News and Events

Preparedness saves the day

The town of Jagna is one municipality fully prepared to take on Pablo. Equipped with the reality that Pablo is unstoppable, it instead focused on preparedness to mitigate the impact brought about by the super typhoon. A day prior to Pablo's expected land fall,...

Abrenilla on 4Ps and targets

Atty. Fortunato R. Abrenilla local chief of the town of Jagna expressed his impression on the 4Ps program of the national government during the ceremonial signing of the memorandum of agreement between the Department of Social Welfare and Development – 7 (DSWD-7) and...

Better health care for Jagna and nearby communities

On November 18, 2012, the Municipality of Jagna celebrated a new direction to the provision of quality healthcare to the citizens of the town with the blessing of the modernized Lim Community Hospital (LCH). The LCH has been serving the people of Jagna and the nearby...