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The Philos Health, a registered, non-government organization, incorporated in the State of California, a partner non-government organization of the Municipality of Jagna for nine years since 2004 will visit the town again this February 9 until the 14th, 2014.

The Philos Health comes to Jagna quarterly to conduct barangay clinics and perform surgical missions that benefit the people of the town. They also donate several kinds of medicines for maintenance especially to people with diabetes and hypertension.

In the nine years of partnership with Jagna, Philos Health has provided the town with equipment for its radio station DYJP. The DYJP has served the people of the town with information on health concerns and proper nutrition, activities within the LGU and public service.

Philos Health has also introduced the Manna Pack supplemental feeding that largely contributed to the decrease in the percentage of malnourished children in the municipality. As a direct intervention, the Manna Pack supplemental feeding program has reached a total of 3,084 preschool children, 650 school children, 270 pregnant and 492 lactating mothers. The Manna Pack is a supplementary food mix composed of fortified rice and soy protein.

In this February visit led by the president and CEO of Philos Health Mr. Forrest Malakoff, coming will be doctors specializing on infectious diseases, OB-GYNs, a general surgeon, eye doctor, internists to do primary care and nurses to assist. This February visit will be a medical-surgical trip.

The Philos Health thru Mr. Malakoff has informed the local chief executive Atty. Fortunato R. Abrenilla that there will be new programs for Jagna in this visit. Atty. Abrenilla said that a dental clinic is in the offing as well as an eye care program.

The Philos Health has brought to Jagna several programs that have benefited its constituency for nine years. Its medical missions bring in people from all walks of life especially those who cannot afford to see doctors for their ailments. Supplemental feeding continuously reinforces the town’s nutrition program by continuously providing the Manna Packs.

The Local Government Unit of Jagna, thru Atty, Fortunato R, Abrenilla, has expressly thanked Philos Health for the mission they do in the town.