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Rainy freedom day for Jagna

JAGNA – The heavy downpour this morning did not deter the people of Jagna from observing the 114th anniversary of the country’s independence day.

A holy mass started the day followed by a program and wreath-laying ceremony. The local government unit, national and provincial line agencies, schools, business establishments and religious organizations within the town patiently attended the event through the rain.

The student-presentors gamely danced unmindful of the rain just so they can contribute to setting the tone and reminding the people of how the Filipinos of today enjoyed freedom from colonizers.

Atty. Sofronio Madrona, COMELEC Officer and the guest of honor, said that the colonizers have contributed much to what the Filipinos are now. He furthered that the Americans may have bought the country from Spain but they also prepared the people for independence by sharing to the Filipinos the education system, form of government.

Atty. Madrona’s challenge is for all Jagnaanons to contribute in their own little way to the Daang Matuwid program of PNoy. It does not mean solely to curb graft and corruption but a reminder that by adhering to simple rules in the community one has contributed already to the Daang Matuwid program, said the COMELEC Officer.

The Local Government Unit specifically the Office of the Mayor spearheaded the event.

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