Ms. Jessamine Anne C. Alcazaren, Provincial Statistics Officer at NSO in Tagbilaran and Ms. Lovelia E. Acebes, Municipal Civil Registrar, discussed live during the weekly LGU Hour schedule on May 12 at the Jagna Community Radio (DYJP), new programs of the NSO. These new programs of the National Statistics Office were to be adopted by the Local Government Units.

There were four programs in the discussion: 1) Barangay Civil Registration System; 2) Simplification of Civil Registry Documents; 3) update on the Batch Request Entry Query System; and 4) NSO Memo Circular 2011-6.

The Barangay Civil Registration System’s purpose is to bring registration services closer to the people. This means that the registration of vital events such as birth, death and marriage are entrusted to the barangay level. It will be the barangay secretary who will facilitate this task once implemented.

The second program on the simplification of civil registry documents takes on the issuance of security documents at the Local Civil Registry Office. This is another devolved program as the issuance is only done at the National Statistics Office. This is to facilitate easy access as well as will incur less expense to the applicants. However for security documents that need verification, it will be referred to the nearest Provincial Statistics Offices.

Updates on the Batch Request Entry Query System (BREQS), a system employed at the Local Civil Registrar Offices were also relayed to the employees of LCR.

The fourth topic discussed was the newly-approved NSO Memo Circular 2011-6 which contains the guidelines/Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) in the processing of legitimation prior to the effectivity of RA 9858 “AN ACT PROVIDING FOR THE LEGITIMATION OF CHILDREN BORN TO PARENTS BELOW MARRYING AGE, AMENDING FOR THE PURPOSE THE FAMILY CODE OF THE PHILIPPINES, AS AMENDED”. In the IRR, it is stated that the legitimation will be processed if the only reason for the disqualification to marry the parents is age.

The LGU Hour of the Jagna Community Radio (DYJP) done every Thursday from 9 AM to 10 AM provides an opportunity for the Local Government Unit of Jagna to enlighten its constituents of the jobs, tasks as well as services of each department.