Sangka sa Tabanog ni Calamay

The 2nd Calamay Festival 2016 will showcase calamay – themed kites in the 2016 Tabanog ni Calamay competition.

All competing kites must fly:

On a minimum of 10 feet line;
For a minimum flight time of 5 minutes;
At a minimum positive flight angle of 10 degrees


Originality of concept that pertains to the theme Calamay sa Jagna, flight performance, design and construction;

Best use of color, flight performance and dimensional shape;

Impressiveness (ability to attract and capture audience’s attention).

Only 10 entries will be accepted at the Municipal Engineering Office c/o JR Cagas.


1st – P3,000.00
2nd – P2,000.00
3rd – P1,000.00

Consolation Prize @ P500.00 for non-winning entries.
Deadline of submission of entries will be on April 25, 2016.
First come, first serve basis.

Come and witness the 2nd Calamay Festival 2016!