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Siling farmers blessed

Sitio Siling in barangay Balili suffered much after the torrential rain last March 16 this year and damaged its irrigation system.

Farmers worried that if it will not be repaired soon, they will suffer as no planting in the rice fields can be done without water. They depended heavily on the irrigation system to bring water to their rice fields.

Mayor Fortunato Abrenilla after thoroughly inspecting the damage brought by the downpour in the whole town declared that it was the damage at Sitio Siling who needs the most immediate attention. He convinced all concerned departments in the LGU that the irrigation system has to be repaired ASAP or else no cropping will be done.

Mayor Fortunato Abrenilla, Engr. Gerry Araneta, MPDC, Engr. Josefina Ranoa, Municipal Engineer and Mr. Camilo Rizano, Municipal Agriculture Officer gathered in a discussion on how to go about instituting repairs to the damaged irrigation system.

The Jagna Waterworks has an ongoing revamp of the water pipes and implemented stubouts. Big water pipes were available. The mayor ordered to bring at least 4 water pipes to Sitio Siling and start with the repairs. Using LGU funds under the MDRRMC, rehabilitation commenced.

The farmer-irrigators at Sitio Siling were very supportive and cooperative. They voluntarily helped municipal workers in the rehabilitation project and in no time it was completed and became operational under the supervision and construction of the MPDO and MEO. Water is back at the ricefields.

On July 21, a turn-over of Siling Communal Irrigation Rehabilitation Project was done. A turn-over agreement was signed between Jagna Municipal Mayor Fortunato R. Abrenilla and Siling Irrigator’s Association, Inc. (SIA, Inc) president Mr. Eugenio Sajulga. This turn-over will give the SIA, Inc. the full responsibility on the operation and management of the system as they are the primary beneficiary of the project.

The agreement encapsulates the role of the Jagna LGU on the turn-over, periodic monitoring and inspection, provision of capacity development to improve skills in the effective management of the system, encouragement of the Barangay Council of Balili to collect a minimal irrigation fee from the farmer-irrigators as well as adopt thrift/saving program to generate funds for maintenance and turn-over to the Balili Barangay Council the management of the system in case the farmers fail to perform its responsibilities.   

On the part of the SIA, Inc., they shall accept the Siling CIS Rehabilitation Project including the facilities and structures, assume full responsibility in the management of its operations, ensure full utilization of the system, manage the income derived from the irrigation fee, submission of a periodic report to the LGU thru the MAO re its financial status as well as the overall operation, send representatives to attend trainings, meetings and planning workshops.

In his message of acceptance, SIA, Inc. Vice President Mr. Claudio Sajulga heartily accepted the CIS and vowed to take care and manage the system properly.

Mayor Fortunato Abrenilla praised the innovativeness of the SIA, Inc. in the institution of mechanisms that contributed to the efficient operation of the system at this time. He said that the LGU is ready to help the farmers in times of need but will doubly help those who appreciate the value and importance of the project and work hard to partner in whatever stage of the rehabilitation with the LGU.

The SIA, Inc. received another blessing coming from the LGU. After the turn-over was the launching of another project to benefit the farmers – the 5 HA Hybrid Rice Techno Demo.

The LGU thru the MAO and the Provincial Agriculture Office will provide technical know-how on the MOET technology. This is the Minus One Element Technique. This technique has been initiated in the farmers of Cansuhay in Lonoy and was successful to increase the yield.

Mr. Sergio Cuaco, Crops Productivity Division Chief of the PAO and Mr. Roger Dabalan, Regional Rice Techno Demo Coordinator will assist the farmers of Sitio Siling in the implementation of the project. This is towards self-sufficiency in rice for Siling farmers.

MAO Rice Technician Melyndre Galve will facilitate the classes every Thursday to Siling farmers on the MOET technology.

Visitors and farmers pose during the joint turn-over of irrigation rehab project and launching the hybrid rice demo ceremonies at Sitio Siling, Balili, Jagna

Hon. Teofisto Pagar, Punong Barangay Eduardo Pagulon, Engr. Josefina Ranoa, Engr. Gerry Araneta were among the visitors during the turn-over and launching ceremony.

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