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The Sinu-og Estokada was the culminating highlight of the Jagna Fiesta celebration this year. Participated by 8 contingents coming from the different schools in the town each presented their own interpretation of the fight between the good represented by the Archangel Michael, the town’s patron saint, and the evil represented by the moors.

Participating schools were Jagna Central Elementary School, Canjulao Elementary School, Bunga Mar Elementary School, Tubod Monte Integrated School, Lonoy Heroes Memorial High School, Malbog Elementary School, Cantuyoc Elementary School, Balili Elementary School, Cabungaan Elementary School and Cantagay Elementary School.

One very unique interpretation was presented by Tribu Cantagaynon performed by pupils of Cantagay Elementary School wherein the concept was an underwater fight between St. Michael and the evil creatures of the sea. Dancers clad in blue waving yellow flaglets lined the streets. During the portrayal, St. Michael the Archangel emerged from an open shell when the dancers bringing seashells were plagued by evil creatures of the sea. The fight ensued with St. Michael bringing down the evil forces. The portrayal ended with sea creatures at peace again joyfully waving their shells.

Tribu Cantagaynon on the streets

 This year is the first time for Cantagay Elementary School to join the Sinu-og Estokada.

The activity was spearheaded by the LGU and the parish with Ms. Lovella Acebes and Rev. Fr. Uly Dispo as coordinators.

A fireworks display courtesy of Dr. Theodore Abrenilla and family capped the Sinu-og Estokada.