Bohol’s only community radio, DYJP 100.1 FM celebrated on October 8 its third year of community service to the people of Jagna and the neighboring towns. The DYJP had its very first test broadcast on October 8, 2008 which lasted to more than 6 months of testing.

The product of a partnership forged between the Municipal Government of Jagna and a US based NGO, Philos Health, the community radio’s vision is stated “In five years, the Jagna Community Radio shall be an established, sustainable and responsible broadcast institution with a wide listenership and shall be the voice of all sectors in the community actively participating in its management and operation”. 

The Jagna Community Radio shall: serve as the venue to provide the opportunity for timely, relevant and reliable information which will uplift the quality of life of the people especially the marginalized; ensure a balanced programming catering to both entertainment and education; and serve as a catalyst for the empowerment of the disadvantaged and development of the community. All these form the mission of the DYJP.

The acronym JP in DYJP stands for Jagna and Philos to recognize the partnership.

DYJP 100.1 FM is an affiliate of Radyo ng Bayan. Owned by the Municipality of Jagna, it is managed by the Jagna Community Radio Council (CRC). The CRC is based on a broad cross-section representation to cater to all sectors in the community.

A management committee was established by the CRC to oversee the day-to-day operation and management of the Community Radio with the following composition: station manager; assistant station manager; news and program section; technical section; and administrative section.

During the initial stage and the most critical stage of the community radio’s operation, CRC chairperson as well as station manager positions were held by now Municipal Councilor Nimfa A. Lloren. At present the CRC is chaired by Mrs. Rufa C. Pajo, BIT-IC directress while Mr. Catalino Berro serves as the station manager.

The DYJP 100.1 FM broadcasters are the radio council members and volunteers.