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Can-upao Punong Barangay Edsel Ranoa Tutor received his award as one of The Outstanding Barangay Officials of the Year (TOBOY) last September 24, 2013 in Tagbilaran City.

PB Edsel R. Tutor

The contents of the plaque of recognition states that the TOBOY is in “recognition of his exemplary performance in the discharge of his duties and functions that has contributed well to the improvement of the community by undertaking programs and projects that have high impact on the lives of the barangay constituents”.

Indeed, Capt. Tutor is a force to reckon with.  The son of the late Bonifacio B. Tutor and Pedrita A. Ranoa, at 30 he has already achieved much. Being nominated as TOBOY and grabbing the provincial award is no easy feat. According to him he is happy when he has contributed to the well-being of the people of Can-upao.

The youngest punong barangay in Jagna is humbled to have grabbed the provincial TOBOY award. He said that constant vigilance to the needs of the people as well as introducing innovations to barangay governance, trasparency and accountability are among his principles of governance.

Under his administration, Barangay Can-upao has gained various Outstanding Leadership Achievements. First, Barangay Can-upao has been adjudged as the Most Outstanding Barangay among 33 barangays of Jagna with various distinctions observed.Second, Best Governed Barangay in the Municipality of Jagna basing on the results of the Barangay Governance Performance Management System (BGPMS) 2012 garnering a score of 4.89 and consecutively one of the Outstanding Barangay Nutrition Council of the municipality.

When asked on his edge over the other TOBOY candidates, PB Tutor humbly enumerates the best practices that his barangay is continuously implementing. He said that good leadership, good planning and clean governance has always been partners to his program and project implementation. Like the Barangay Disaster Risk Reduction Management (BDRRM) in which he has been lauded for his achievement in the advancement of DRRM in his barangay. Can-upao has been struck by two ipo-ipos. One in July 2012 and another one this year. But his barangays readiness and adherence to the BDRRM has pulled them through these two calamities. Response was quick and coordination with other government agencies was smooth.

From l to r: Hon. Godofreda Tirol, DILG PD Loisella Lucino, MLGOO Judy Grace Dominguez, PB Edsel Tutor, Gov. Edgar Chatto, Hon. Cesar Tomas Lopez and LIGA President Hon. Madelon Rengel.


Another best practice for barangay Can-upao is the publication of the quarterly SAYRI (Opisyal Nga Pamantalaan Sa Barangay Can-upao). The SAYRI is a quarterly-produced newsletter in Cebuano reporting the activities of the barangay, programs and projects implemented reminders (during flooding and other calamities) as well as serve as a financial report of the funds of the barangay.

PB Tutor exerted efforts for Can-upao to have its own website This website is still being improved.  However, one can already browse the site and find the newsletters, the profile of the barangay and PB Tutor’s brand of governance.

Barangay Can-upao is also on facebook. PB Tutor has introduced this as he believes that the facebook is one way that the barangay leadership can be brought nearer to the people.

When asked why he chose to serve his barangay rather than pursue his profession as a seaman and many other skills he acquired from TESDA that could easily provide him opportunities to work abroad, he smiles and said, “I believe I was born to serve. I saw that

Can-upao needs a leader that can transform its governance for the better”. He added that “maybe I

PB Tutor with MLGOO Judy Grace Dominguez, Gov. Edgar Chatto, Mayor Fortunato R. Abrenilla. (foto by Judy Grace Dominguez)

have a gift to serve a greater number of people. If I work abroad, I can only better the life of my family. But if I serve as a leader of the barangay, the impact is greater with my commitment, sincerity and love to serve”.

Many visitors from the different parts of the country have visited Can-upao. Their BDRRM is known to be effective and efficient thru endorsement by the provincial DILG. Can-upao garnered the top place in the Search for Ten Outstanding Barangays of Jagna in 2011 and has since continued to initiate innovations in governance.

PB Edsel Tutor has greater plans for Can-upao. He said if given another chance to serve, he will focus on solving the problem on solid waste disposal for his barangay, institute a system on disaster preparedness and establish linkages for livelihood opportunities.