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Rainy September characterized the feast day celebration of Jagna’s patron saint Senyor San Miguel Arkanghel. Even so, it was still celebrated by the Jagnaanons and Balik Jagnaanons with pomp and funfare.

Tradional Sinoog of Cabungaan led by Mr. Venancio Nayga

The feast day presentation highlight, SINOOG ESTOKADA, pushed thru amidst the heavy downpour. Sinoog contingents gaily danced to the new Sinoog Estokada Jingle during the streetdancing that opened up the afternoons activity.

From the front of the Jagna Business Center along the roads going to the Jagna Central Elementary School (JCES) grounds, people lined up bringing umbrellas wanting to watch the streetdancing.

Jagna Central Elementary School on the streets.

Rain pouring the contingents danced to the beat of the Sinoog Estokada coming from sound boxes positioned along the sway and chanted along the way to honor Senyor San Miguel.  Six contingents participated each having their own version of honoring. Jagna Central Elementary School, Canjulao Elementary School, Cantagay Elementary School, Bunga Mar Elementary School, Faraon National High School and Central Visayan Institute Foundation participated in the gaiety. The traditional Sinoog of Cabungaan lead the street dancing.

Bunga Mar Elementary School in action.

The offerings of each contingent were presented in a makeshift stage at the JCES grounds. Even with the rains, each danced with gusto smiling to the crowd in their wet costumes chanting Viva, Viva Senyor San Miguel!

The finale was performed by employees of the LGU. An emphasis to the fight between the good, St. Michael and the evil angels led by Lucifer. After which an offering of dance was made.

Central Visayan Institute Foundation did the most unique offering.

The awarding of special awards came after with Canjulao Elementary School bringing home the Best in Synchronization and Most Participated Group award. Jagna Central Elementary School took the Best in Street Dancing and Best in Field Performance awards.Cantagay was adjudged Most Artistic Group while Bunga Mar bagged the Best in Costume award. Faraon National High School was the Liveliest Group and Most Disciplined Group and Central Visayan Institute Foundation was chosen the Most Unique Group.

The composer of the Sinoog Estokada Jingle Mr. Winefredo Bertumen was recognized thru the presentation of a plaque of appreciation coming from the Local Council for Culture and Arts.

Tribu Faraguese did it in the pouring rain.

The annual fire works display of the Abrenilla Family capped the afternoon’s event.







Cantagay Elementary School in their colorful attire.

Canjulao Elementary School chanted with all their might to honor Jagna's defender.




Senyor San Miguel Arkanghel and the devil showcase their heavenly fight in the LGU's finale.

Awarding after the presentations.

The banner of the Sinoog Estokada leads the streetdancing.










Students of BIT-IC became the human rope that guided the crowd during the street dancing and field demonstration.


Spectators in the rain.

Miss Jagna 2012 winners congratulated by Mayor Fortunato R. Abrenilla.

The PYM are devoted workers with the Estokada Committee.


Members of the Estokada Committee in lighter moments.

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