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Waterworks system on LGU Hour (part 2)

Anchored by Municipal Administrator Alberto Café, the Jagna Waterworks System for the second time was on board the LGU Hour on Jagna’s community radio DYJP last August 18.

Engr. Gerry Araneta discussed the current situation of the waterworks system for the whole hour it was aired live.

The management of the Jagna Waterworks System (JWS) is headed by the Local Chief Executive and the Jagna Waterworks Management Board composed of Sangguniang Bayan Members on the Committee on Utilities and Infrastructures, department heads and representatives of private sectors. The Jagna Waterworks Management Board’s plans and activities and operation is downloaded to the Municipal Planning and Development Coordinator – Jagna Waterworks System Supervisor/In Charge. There is a head of operations for the JWS, plumbers and the rest of the staff doing clerical work, meter readers, collection clerks.

The JWS in assessing its performance in the operations and financial aspects uses the following key performance indicators:

  1. Customer satisfaction
  2. Water Resource Management
  3. Systems Loss Management
  4. Financial Management
  5. Human Resource Management


The funding of the Jagna Water Utility comes from the 20% Development Fund.

Current situation of the JWS has been much improved water utility from whence it has started. But many aspects have yet to be improved and embarked upon to fully provide class A water utility service to the constituents of the town.

Lacking physical assets such as filtration and water treatment facility; access to sewerage network; mother meter, leak detection devices; and calibration machine for flow meters have yet to be sourced out when budgetary requirements will be available.

Existing assets need rehabilitation. A major revamp was made in early 2011 but still it is not enough. Network of pipes are leaky with 70% of the distribution mains already worn out. Maintenance equipment are already worse for the wear.

On the positive side, water distribution is done by gravity therefore less energy is needed for extraction and distribution. Pumps are used mainly as boosters.

Currently, there are moves by the local chief to focus on the improvement of the waterworks system but still subject to budgetary constraints.

Operation revamp at barangay Canjulao

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